Carroll County tornado cuts 4 mile path snapping trees, damaging homes and fraying nerves

GAMBER, Md. -  

They are the sounds of frustration; chainsaws, tree grinders and cranes picking up after the dizzying odds of being in the way.

"Yes, of course it did.  It couldn't have gone over there where there are no trees.  It had to hit all the trees on their way through."

And it was parts of those trees just between two houses that quite literally stabbed two large parts of Alma Bednar's Gamber home.

The parade of tree specialists, roofers and contractors has been marching through her yard for three days with maybe as much gusto as the tornado itself.

"Things can be fixed.  Homes are just places to live and they'll be fixed and we'll go on," said Bednar.

But go on following the four mile path this tornado created and you begin to see for some, it won't be all that easy.

"When you can see the sky and it was pouring down rain and it is just coming in buckets in your house, it is like, oh my God"    

Carol Swinton says she was hysterical when it happened.

You would be too if you suddenly found a tree in your master bedroom.

Luckily no one was injured but the damage to this home is severe, look no further than the massive crane they had to call in to remove the debris.

Swinton's family will be out of this home for six months, maybe a year while it's repaired; suffering a direct hit right along a four mile stretch that for a very select few will force a much longer path on the road to recovery.

[ How tough is it to deal with this?]  Awful.  I Can't sleep.  It's just terrible," said Swinton.

In Carroll County the National Weather Service says there were two tornados; the one that lasted four miles in and outside Gamber and one in Mount Airy.

Officials have also confirmed several reports of other wind damage and flooding throughout the area.

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