Carroll Community College brings in exterminators

WESTMINSTER, Md. - They come here for an education, but suddenly the 11,000 students at Carroll Community College are getting a crash course in insects.

"We got an email from the dean.  She said they had bed bugs," said Trent Maffei of Hampstead.

"When I read the email, my hair started itching," added Erin Strevig.

Administrators have quarantined classroom N209 and have shut down the nursing building over a discovery that came to light over the weekend---bed bugs, those blood-sucking parasites that are barely visible to the naked eye.

The college called in exterminators who brought in a specially-trained beagle named "Dino" from Pittsburgh to sniff them out.

"We did find them in three different locations on campus.  Room N209, which was the nursing room and we were initially advised of and then in two other rooms we found some indication on some furniture that we moved into Room N209 so it would all be available to be treated," said Executive Vice President of Administration Alan Schuman.

On Friday, the exterminators will return to perform a heat treatment in the quarantined room to snuff out the insects (or at least those they've been able to track down), and students may be able to put aside fears over the skin rashes, allergies and psychological effects that come with them.

"I got the email and I was like, 'That's kind of disgusting,' but when we did see the dogs in the Main Hall that was like serious," said Strevig.

The college opted to use heat over pesticides to wipe out the bed bugs with the students' safety in mind.

It's also supposed to be more effective in killing them.

Administrators say they were told bed bugs are resilient and can survive for up to a year without a single meal.

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