Carroll Co. parents fight bus stop in front of sex offender's home

MANCHESTER, Md. - Some Carroll County school students are getting off the bus directly in front of a known sex offender's home.

According to the state's sex offender registry, the resident has been convicted of the sexual abuse of a minor and a second degree sex offense, a forcible act with a disabled victim or someone 14 years old or younger.

It is quite literally too close for many concerned parents' comfort.

"Being able to gain the kids trust, giving them the opportunity to learn their routine and having the kids get comfortable with these guys and giving them an open opportunity for something to happen," said a concerned parent.

Parents in Manchester say it is just an unnecessary risk and some are openly questioning the wisdom, or as they say the lack there of, to locate a stop in almost a sex offenders front yard.

"I don't like it at all.  I don't know who allowed that.  Who didn't do their job and look it up ahead of time?  Who would put that there?  It doesn't make sense," said concerned grandparent Robin Matthews.

The Carroll County School District declined an on camera interview for this story but did issue us a statement as to why they have not yet moved the bus stop.

It reads in part, "We have offered alternate bus stops to families.  Any parent has the right to appeal any decision made by the local board of education to the state board of education."

So for right now the parents' fight has stalled; the bus stop remains active.

The district's director of transportation told ABC2 by phone that sex offender residences are "a moving target" and that it is logistically difficult to change bus stops according to registry addresses. 

Sex offenders have rights too and the list is there to let you know where they are, still, parents believe more can be done.

"Pull up the list like anybody else and you can see there is a small area even in the back of the neighborhood where kids are able to walk safely, to be able to stand and wait for the bus knowing there is no registered sex offenders or child abusers in that area.  There should be no reason they can't move that stop to where the kids are going to be safe," said a concerned parent.

An argument parents just may make to the state school board next.

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