Teen sentenced in transgender attack

Teonna Brown got 10 years, five suspended

TOWSON, Md. - Teenager Teonna Brown pleaded with the court today saying if she could take it back she would and that she wanted to finish school and get a second chance, but the judge said there were no excuses for the "outrageous" April beating of a transgendered woman in a Rosedale McDonalds and sentenced the 19 year old to 10 years in prison, half of it suspended.

"We believe that five years to serve and another five years hanging over her head is certainly a very good sentence and we are very pleased with that," said Baltimore County State's Attorney Scott Shellenberger.

Brown was sentenced for both the first degree assault and the hate crime.

Technically both sentences will be served at the same time, but the state says it takes nothing away from the message it wanted to send.

"If you get caught assaulting someone in Baltimore County, you're gonna pay a high price. I don't really care who the victim is. This wasn't about a political statement, this was about prosecuting for a heinous crime that they committed," said Shellenberger.

[Do you feel like justice was served here, what's your gut say?] "I guess so," responded witness and good Samaritan Vicky Thoms.

While the victim Chrissy Polis was not in the courtroom this morning, Thoms, the woman you see in the video coming to her aid was.

Still emotional about the attack five months later, Thoms hopes the sentence gives Brown time to think and reset the rest of her life.

"I just wish there was more love in this world than hate. That is what I keep saying every time you guys come talk to me and that is all that I hope that she learns out of this whole thing and everybody learns the same thing."

Absolution from Chrissy Polis may be harder to come by.

In a typed victim impact statement she says she now suffers from post traumatic stress disorder and the seizures, well they keep coming.

Victim Impact Statement

She wrote, "I do not forgive them for what they did to me."

The other girl who attacked Polis is in the juvenile system.

Brown has been locked up since April and will immediately start her sentence.

When released, Brown will have three years of supervised probation.

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