Why volunteers are willing to commit themselves to a life of service without pay

How do volunteers help the world go round

Towson - "We've got a lot of people in here today too."

Its not even 11 yet....and this lady is in full swing making rounds at the Greater Baltimore Medical Center.

She's not a doctor....or a nurse.....she's a volunteer.

"It’s very fulfilling. It’s fun. Its enjoyable and I know I'm helping."

With her trusty companion by her side...Gail and Gene Cairns are spending their retirement years giving back. On this day....they're passing out magazines.

"Good morning." Has your baby come yet.....not yet we're waiting."

After 45 years.....Gail retired from long term care nursing. She volunteers two four shifts per week at GBMC and for several other organizations.

"It's a continuation. It's a continuation for that passion so you don't have to give up everything."

"They impact all levels of the hospital and what they do here."

Cynthia Fager...director of volunteer services says they have 500 active volunteers....since the hospital opened they have achieved more than 2 million service hours.

"I think when you volunteer you get more than you really give. You get to meet all types of people from all types of walks of lie. They're coming here of our patients because they are dealing with very difficult types of situations and yet in those moments you can help them."

Gail makes shawls at her church. They become prayer shawls for i-c-u patients here at the hospital.... She even does work behind the scenes.

"When you get up and go to work every morning for 30, 40 whatever many years, that was your work life and all of a sudden it comes to an abrupt stop. You need a plan in our plan was volunteering."

2 years ago.....President Barrack Obama encouraged all Americans to celebrate Dr. Martin Luther king Junior’s birthday by making it a day of service. Others have taken that day....and turned it into a way of a life.

"I think that’s a message in every community. Here are people that want to give back to their community and this is their community hospital.

Gail and gene cairns made the commitment even before they retired..... It’s given them a purpose.

"I just feel fulfilled when we go home. I know I’ve touched somebody's life and I know they have touched mine. And that's a good feeling."

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