Derrick Mason makes fan wish come true

Mason makes a road trip

BALTIMORE - Last week, I got a call from Mary Jo who said her niece, Katie Landers, was extremely ill and that she only had one wish and that was to meet a Raven. 

Through Deb Trott Poquette we asked Derrick Mason   After practice, Derrick jumped in his car and drove out to Baldwin to meet Katie. 

Her mom and dad and brothers all took off work to see this.  He walked in a hero and left a bigger one.  He spent 2 hours with her.  

She told him she was going to watch Dancing with the Stars and root against Hines Ward. 

Somebody in the room said, " I can't stand his smile"....Derrick and Katie at the exact time shot back, "That's not a smile, that's a smirk."  

I just wanted everyone to know what a great man Derrick Mason is for taking his time to make  a fan feel better.

That my friends, is the best medicine. If you would like why don't you send Katie a message through

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