WB lanes of Bay Bridge closed after 'unusual movement'

BALTIMORE, Md (WMAR) - The westbound lanes of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge (US 50/301) were closed, and officials with the MDTA said the reason was reports of abnormal movement of the bridge.

Delays were expected throughout the morning as traffic was limited to one lane in each direction on the eastbound side of the bridge.

MDTA spokesperson Kelly Melhem says the bridge was closed overnight for maintenance, and the concern came from workers on the bridge.

"Just after midnight, workers on the bridge observed unusual and vertical movement on the bridge," Melhem said.

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Melhem said workers were concerned because the movement they observed is not the "typical movement" of the bridge.

The bridge was reopened at around noon after inspectors completed their review of the bridge. According to a press release provided by the MDTA they found the bridge to be "safe for travel."

Officials say the unusual movement was caused by wind patterns coupled with tarps in place on bridge towers. They say the tarps have since been removed.

"I would like to thank our customers for their patience and cooperation," said MDTA Executive Secretary Harold M. Bartlett. "We certainly understand the frustration that the closure caused. However, we believe the closure was necessary and prudent, as the safety of our customers, workers and employees is our priority."

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