VIDEO | Jamie Costello calls Pimlico race

Jamie Costello worked as a guest announcer for a Pimlico race on May 3, 2013

"I understand why someone would want to be a track announcer but I don't know how you could do that with a full card of races every day," Costello said.

"That was so much fun. It gave me such an appreciation for what a pro Dave Rodman is. The hardest part of what he does is that he empties his brain after each race and refills it with new names, numbers and colors and then rinses and repeats. What I was hoping for in the stretch was that Corinthianna would pull away and win by 10 lengths but as it got closer and closer to the finish line it was a three horse race and I didn't recognize two of them. My heart was starting to pump so much blood and thinking why did I do this, but it was a blast."

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