UPS facility on Vero Road catches fire

VIOLETVILLE, Md. - The UPS facility at 3901 Vero Road in Violetville caught fire Friday morning.

The Baltimore County Fire Department said that the call came in at about 9:45 a.m. reporting that a conveyer belt had caught fire. Once on the scene crews found heavy smoke in the building.

Batallion Chief Joe Brown said the fire was difficult to locate due to the smoke, size of the building and number/layers of conveyer belts.

"Thankfully, the sprinkler system activated, suppressing the fire to the point that we could get in there," he said.

Brown said good news is that Christmas deliveries may have not been disrupted.

"I didn't see any packages damaged," he said.

Officials say though the fire quickly became a 2-alarm fire, but there were no reports of injuries. 

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