Trayvon Martin's mother shares story at Baltimore church

BALTIMORE -   It’s Women’s Day at the Empowerment Temple Church in North Baltimore and Dr. Jamal Bryant and his congregation are talking about strength, faith and hope and have invited Sybrina Fulton, Trayvon Martin’s mother, to speak about her personal journey after her son’s death.

  Dr. Jamal Bryant has had the opportunity to minister to Fulton and the Martin Family multiple times as the tragedy unfolded and wanted Sybrina Fulton to know that Baltimore is with her.  He said Fulton’s story is a familiar one, “her testimony resonates with so many families in Baltimore where there have been so many murders and so many acts of senseless violence.”

  Fulton didn’t want to discuss the Zimmerman trial and instead focused on her gratitude to the people of Baltimore. “It just warms our hearts to know there are people here in Baltimore that support us,” she said. 

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