Train hits vehicle in Rosedale

It's like deja vu all over again.
A southbound train approaches and a truck attempts to beat it at the crossing, but it doesn't make it in time.
Shiny new crossing signs didn't seem to make a difference, and other drivers who have to cross at 68th Street and Lake Drive in Rosedale say they're simply not enough.
"I think they should get something that's indicating the train is coming to warn people that it's coming cause some people don't realize how fast the train is really going until it's up on them," said Marvin Raheem, a commercial driver with Hawkeye Construction.
The surveillance video, which captured the crash, came from nearby Eastern Truck and Trailer Corporation where work continues to renovate rooms and to fix cracks in the building's brick facing after the explosion 14 months ago.
Witnesses who ran to check on the driver of the truck following the crash say they claimed a mirror on the outside passenger window had blocked their view of the train and by the time they heard its approaching whistle sound, it was too late.
They floored the gas and tried to get out of its way to no avail.
While some may feel the crossing isn't safe enough, others have suggested if commercial vehicles came to a complete stop before attempting to cross, such accidents simply wouldn't happen. 
"No.  I haven't had any close calls, and I look both ways every time I cross, and since our shop moved here, I have to cross this track every day," said Raheem.
Unlike the train, which was carrying hazardous chemicals a year ago, CSX tells us this train, designed to carry orange juice, was empty at the time.
Police have charged the driver of the truck, 44-year old Ramona Patrice Jones of Cockeysville, with failure to stop at a railroad crossing.
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