Towson University remembers two students killed in one weekend

From one candle, hundreds more are lit on the campus of Towson University.  Books are put away for this night as the memories of two students are shared.

Early Saturday morning, 20-year-old Ryan Bailey was killed by a driver that kept going near York Rd. and Washington Ave.  About 12 hours later, Timothy Coyer was found dead in his apartment of an apparent heart condition.

"Tim coyer was the best friend to many, all the members in our chapter.  He treated us like an older brother.  He was always the one person we would call on whenever we needed any help," said Ryan Klock, president, Kappa Sigma. 

Coyer was a member of the Army National Guard.  He deployed to Iraq twice.

"He taught me respect, how to be a gentleman," said Klock.   

Both men were part of the Greek life.  Coyer in Kappa Sigma and Bailey in Sigma Kai.  The 20-year-old accounting major was a standout lacrosse player at his high school in Seaford, New York.

"We've been working with them one on one on a case by case basis to make sure they make it through this grieving period," said Bruce Blackwell, vigil organizer.    

Two students are gone in one weekend, forever changing the lives that lit the campus for one night.

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