Towson U ready for a second round of flu

TOWSON, Md -  

There are not that many students at Towson U right now.

This is mini-mester time, but the student union at noon is still relatively busy.

Student sharing a table, touching phones, slicing bagels and touching counter tops, breathing, coughing and living in close proximity to each other.

Just living a regular college life can be hazardous to your health.

The flu hit Towson just before finals in December.

A lot of students had it

 "I wasn't breathing well I had fever I was tired just waiting for death its like this is it just wouldn't go away." Student Rob O'Malley says.

Maryland is one of the top five states hit hardest by the flu virus this year according to the Centers for Disease Control.

Towson like many college campuses are what they call sentinel sites for the state, where they monitor outbreaks to get a handle on the severity.

Doctors at the Dowell Health Center say the flu season is far from over.

 "It looks like the flu moved from the south up north and a lot of our students are from the New York area that they're not going to want to miss the first week of class and they'll may bring it back and still be infections and we may have a second wave of influenza on campus." Dowell Health Center Physician Dr. Lisa Murray

She says they hope to minimize a potential second round through reinforcing what most students should know.

If you're not sick get the flu shot they're just a few bucks at the health center.

Washing your hands, with soap and water or at one of the many hand sanitizer stations in every building on campus.

It you get sick come to the clinic get treated and go home.

"We're telling students not to go to class until they've been without a fever without 24 hours and to if they are sick give them up to five days to recuperate." Dr. Murray says.

But that's easier said than done if you're a busy student.  

You've got two papers due, extra reading that has to be done, and there has to be time extracurricular learning, over a lunch with your friends.

"I never thought I had the flu just a bad cold I work in a school so I get all the nice germs from everybody" Grad Student Katie Ridgeway says.

Towson has also asked professors to take it easy on students who are sick.

The faculty has been told to be understanding of students who are ill and not able to come to class.

Meantime if you're a Towson student and haven't had the flu shot the health center has them.

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