Does Jacoby Jones have the best DWTS partner?

TOWNSON, Md. - Atlantic Ballroom dance instructor Nikolai Pilipenchuk has appeared on Dancing With the Stars and now he's helping us analyze the shows.  

See Jacoby Jone's full dance here

On Tuesday morning Pilipenchuk said he believes Jacoby Jones has the best partner on the show, and performed best out of that week's performances.

"Karina is an amazing dancer," he said. "She is considered one of the best female dancers in the world."

He also said that the couple improved greatly from the week before.

But Jacoby and Karina could have some competition.  He said that he thinks Zendaya has great chances and will be in the top 3.

Pilipenchuk also thought that Dorothy Hamilll  did hold back a little on her dance because of her injury.  He didn't think she'd go home tonight though.


See Hamill's complete dance here



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