The support team for local firefighters is in financial jeopardy

The canteen truck has fired up for 17 years.

"We keep all the hot dogs in the freezer until we're ready to use them," said Jeannette Kempske, who is responsible for fundraising for the Central Alarmers.    

Volunteers, including Kempske, are always ready to respond.  When you see police and firefighters able to work endless hours, this is their back bone.

The Central Alarmers in Baltimore County runs the canteen truck that responds in Harford County and into Pennsylvania.  Food and rehydration keep first responders on top of their game.

"A firefighter who goes into a building, who comes out, who's hot, who's dehydrated, or a lot of people don't even realize that they get hungry," said Kempske. 

Now the Central Alarmers are hungry for help.  They placed a $52,000 down payment on a new food truck and the PA company, Krammes Kustom Body, can't finish the job or give them a refund.

Attorney Charles Gilman is doing the leg work for the Alarmers.

"They're not going to be able to recoop it.  He had no insurance at the time.  And he's got no bank accounts and no assets for us to attack to get that money back," said Gilman. 

The phone numbers to reach Krammes are disconnected.  The Central Alarmers ordered the first truck from them without a problem, but they noticed business starting to change a few years ago.    

At this point, they don't expect a return of their money, but the volunteer members aren't giving up. 

"We might never see it," said Kempske.    

The Central Alarmers say they had to move forward with replacing the canteen truck.  A new one will arrive next month.

But as they think about other ageing trucks, they say the $52,000 loss sets them back about two years.

If you want to donate to the Central Alarmers, you can send a check to: P.O. Box 336 Baltimore, MD 21128.  


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