Baltimore County Liquor Board will review the license for Tee Bee's Place in Parkville

PARKVILLE, Md. - Everybody knows the name, but Tee Bee's Place in Parkville isn't celebrated like Cheers in Boston. 

The bar has captured headlines this summer following two homicides.  One was in the parking lot in July, and just two weeks ago Baltimore County police say Tavares Jones, a security guard for Tee Bee's, was stabbed to death while breaking up a fight.

The bar is across the street from homes.

"There's people out here after the bars even close.  There's even been fights out here after the bars close," said Roy Bryant, a neighbor.  "Loud music, the thumping going on.  And my wife and I wake up and we're like oh my gosh, we can't believe they're still out there," said Bryant.   

Over the past few weeks, Bryant reports a change.

"Less noise, less traffic, it's almost like it's on shutdown," said Bryant.   

But you can still see a bullet hole in one home, neighbors say, from a fight years ago.  Now they're making noise and hoping the Baltimore County Liquor Board hears the complaints.

The chief administrator says a hearing is scheduled for next month to determine if the owners of Tee Bee's should be allowed to keep their license.

"Should close the place down probably," said Cheryl Driver.    

We talked to the owner, Rodney Barnes, on the phone but he would not comment further.  He and his wife remembered their friend, Tavares Jones, at a vigil the night after he died.

The 38-year-old left behind a four-year-old son and an eight-year-old daughter.

"There's been other people who have lost their lives.  Nothing was done until they lost one of their own.  And now it seems they might be stepping up to the plate to do something different," said Bryant. 

Baltimore County Police say there were homicides at the same location in 2004 and 2005.  The liquor board has scheduled a public hearing for October 1st at 2 pm.

Neighbors plan to present a petition to revoke the license.

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