Teen falls out of car, dies

PARKVILLE, Md. - Over 100 young teenagers held a vigil to remember their friend.  As they pause, 13-year-old Michael Truluck's mom has a stern message.

"He drank one of those energy drinks with alcohol in it that all these kids around here seem to think is okay and he needed to vomit and he opened up the door and fell out and then was run over," said Kris Keys, Truluck's mom.    

Dangers of drinking "alco-pops" for kids

Ben Diggins was hanging out with Truluck before the accident.

"We just came from the stream," said DigginsABC2's Cheryl Conner asked, "Were you drinking?"  "Um, yeah," he said.   

Diggins says they were drinking Four Loko , a potent alcoholic malt liquor.

"Some adults out there purchased it," said Keys.   

But in 2010, alcohol distributors in Maryland agreed to stop selling the caffeinated version of the drink.  Also, it was banned in Baltimore City.

Baltimore County Police say the car carrying Truluck was making a turn out of the Auto Zone parking lot onto Harford Road in Parkville Saturday evening after 6 when the teen opened the door.

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The driver of the car that hit him stopped at the scene.

"I have a 15-month-old son and Michael was an uncle and Michael loved Lucas.  He was great with him," said Samantha Keys, Truluck's sister. 

"I just can't believe it's actually happening.  He was one of my best friends," said Abby Martin.     

Truluck was in 8th grade at Parkville Middle School.  Parents are here to help explain the news to their children.

But there's one mom here who doesn't have another chance to explain the consequences of drinking.  Still she has the strength, just 24 hours after her son was killed, to encourage his friends to make better choices.

"It is not cool to drink and to get high.  Accidents happen on the best intentions and I've lost the only son I'm ever going to have because they wanted to party," said Keys.     

"We were being stupid and this is what happens when you're stupid," said Diggins.    

Police say no charges will be filed against the driver who hit Michael Truluck.

We have a call into Baltimore County Public Schools to see if counselors will be on hand at Parkville Middle, but we have not heard back.

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