Technology touted during Baltimore County's State of the Schools luncheon

WOODLAWN, Md. - It's about our future and it’s all about technology they will be learning, said Baltimore County Public Schools Superintendent Dallas Dance at the annual state of the schools luncheon.

The luncheon brought together 1,200 people, from principals, teachers, parents, students, and community supporters, to describe the progress and the goals. 

We are told no tax dollars paid for the event.  Sponsors through the Baltimore County Education Foundation host the luncheon.  Olympic mom Debbie Phelps heads the foundation.

This comes weeks after the school board approved a huge  $205 million contract to put laptop computers in the hands of all students over several years.

The cost doesn't concern Dance, who just wants to see the program past the first year. 

"Once we go by line by line and look at redirects, then we'll have a conversation around what else needs to be done.  But the one thing I've been very clear about, is if you get the 10 lighthouse schools right, then we have a further conversation," said Dance. 

"I've been in education for a long time, almost four decades.  And this type of learning and teaching almost drives me back to the classroom because it's so innovative," said Phelps.    

Those computers will be given to students in 10 schools starting in the fall.  Also starting next school year, Dr. Dance will roll out a Spanish program in the fourth grade for select schools. 

Dance says his team is working on a plan to upgrade the buildings, including air conditioning in schools.

As for the snow days, Baltimore County Schools used nine days, but budgeted for seven.  They made up one on Monday, and they plan on asking the state for a waiver. 


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