Woman pleads guilty in Transgender hate crime beating

TOWSON, Md. - Video from two sources show Teonna Brown and a 14-year-old girl ganging up on Christie Polis.

Not once, not twice, not even three times.

Four times Brown and the 14-year-old rushed up and beat Polis.

The last time dragging her through the restaurant and stomping on her until she had a seizure.

Today was the first time since April that she saw her attacker.

"I was kind of nervous being here today I did not want to come, but like I said I still had not comment I'm just gonna lay low and live my life as normal as much as possible." Polis said

That's all Polis would say about the attack, but her attorney says they're pleased that the hate crime charge was a part of the plea.

But the pain of the incident still haunts her from the internet.

"The ordeal is not over for her she continues to suffer on a daily basis particularly because of the notoriety of the YouTube video has caused and Christie has been through a lot of pain and she wants the word to get out that this is unacceptable behavior." Attorney Mark Scurti said.

The sentence was also a relief for Vicky Thoms who can be seen in the video trying to stop the attack.

Thoms was also punched by the one of the girls.

She says what she witnessed that day was just ugly and the worst of people.

"I thought that she's so young and how a person so young could be so hateful." Thoms said. "I never realized that there was so much hate out there and to have it happen right in front of you see it on the news but you're not involved with it."

Under the plea deal prosecutors asked for a ten year sentence for Brown with all but five years suspended.

Baltimore County State's Attorney Scott Shellenberger said that the 14-year-old in the case also pleaded back on July first and was found delinquent and is juvenile detention.

Brown will be officially sentenced on September 13th.

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