Superintendent Dance responds to schedule change concerns, calls it 'needed'

Baltimore County Superintendent Dallas Dance responded to an advocacy group's concerns about changes to school schedules.

"Just because we may not necessarily agree on on every single issue does not mean that we did not listen to you or did not hear you," Dance said on Tuesday.

He sent a letter home to Hereford High School parents on Monday, saying he appreciates the community's advocacy, but that the schedule changes are needed to allow students easier access to transfer within the district. He proposed another option to allow flexibility for juniors and seniors.

"For our three schools that are on the four by four schedule, meaning Hereford High School, Kenwood High School, and Patapsco High School, I wanted to have the flexibility to for the principals and the communities that if there are juniors and seniors that are on a path based on the four by four, that they be able to complete that class," he said.

But some Hereford High School parents said that's not enough. Kathleen Causey is a member of Hereford Works, an advocacy group created after the schedule change announcement.

"It doesn't make sense that one can't postpone a schedule change," she said. "We're not talking about bricks and mortar, we're not talking about bus route schedules, or redistricting students. We're talking about a letter that he sent that changed the schedules and he can send a letter that can delay the change of the schedules."

She says a delay in the change would let the group know their voices are heard.

"We really want to be involved, and we really want analysis done of what is the improvement going to be by making these changes before you go ahead and make those changes," Causey said.

But the superintendent said come the fall, the new schedules will be in place. He said it's important that the district is on "non-semesterized" schedules.

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