Students send healthy eating care packages, volunteer at Meals on Wheels to fight hunger problems

OWINGS MILLS, Md. - The idea of fighting world hunger is a daunting one, but a special group of kids is up for the challenge. 

Gathered around a table, students in Siri Wenrich's class at the Harbour School are busy making Harbour care packages.  They include vegetable seeds, gardening gloves and a cookbook filled with healthy recipes they chose.

 The packages will be sent to 17 schools in eight states so they can start their own gardens.

"Each recipe has at least one of the vegetables that we're sending them so they can utilize that in a community garden," Wenrich said.

Since the beginning of the school year, the students at Harbour School have been focused on community service activities aimed at addressing hunger issues.  Wenrich's students fully embraced the project and have been very engaged in every activity they've done.

They wrote to President Obama and the First Lady to advocate for a national breakfast program for all kids.  They volunteered with Meals on Wheels and plan to help out the Maryland Food Bank.  Wenrich says she's seen tremendous growth in her special education students since they started this project.

"Their confidence, their leadership skills, their communication skills have all improved," Wenrich said.  "The students who were generally most quiet during this project have been the most vocal."

All of the students at the Harbour School will show off their projects during "Museum Day" on April 11.

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