Soccer team's dance ends season

PERRY HALL, Md. - You've seen Terrell Suggs do it after a sack -- and on Tuesday, members of a local high school soccer team did "The Bernie" dance, after winning a big game.

But that game, turned out to be their last of the season -- their principal felt the celebration crossed the line, into taunting.

Thursday, members of the Perry Hall High School Boys' soccer team were cheering on their female counterparts.

And when the girls scored in overtime to beat Dulaney High School, it was time for the boys to do "The Bernie."

They say it's the same victory dance they did on Tuesday, when their team also beat Dulaney.

But the fun ended when Perry Hall's principal spoke to the team before practice on Wednesday.

"Then the principal comes in, he's like unfortunately, your season has to end right now," said Perry Hall Senior Christopher White. "I'd rather go out and lose 15 to nothing in the semi-finals than just have it end like that, by a principal."

School officials say they got complaints from Dulaney High School parents.

The boys say they were just celebrating a big win, and didn't intend to offend anyone.

"You're excited and you just want to express it. And you know, the Ravens have done it. It's Maryland -- why not celebrate it more than what Ray Rice and Terrell Suggs does," said sophomore Justin Ornelas.

In fact after Thursday night's game, some of the girls from Dulaney's team appeared to taunt the boys from Perry Hall, with their own "Bernie" dance.

For now, instead of getting ready for the regional semi-finals on Friday, the boys from Perry Hall will have to settle for cheering for the girls.

"It was heartbreaking. We all just put our heads down and just cried. It was terrible to go out like that," said senior Ethan Muller, who had scored the goal to beat Dulaney on Tuesday.

The name of the dance comes from a scene in the sequel to the movie, "Weekend at Bernie's."

Attempts to reach the principal of Perry Hall High School were unsuccessful.

Perry Hall's girls' team plays in its semifinal on Tuesday.

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