Sharon Love joins forces with VP Biden

WASHINGTON (WMAR) - For the first time tonight Yeardley Love's mother has spoken out about her experiences and new relationships the have helped her grow.

We have followed Sharon Love every step of the way since her daughter was murdered.

Nearly two months after George Huguely was found guilty in the death of her daughter at the University of Virginia, Sharon didn't hold back.

"My daughter was murdered at the University of Virginia by and out of control lacrosse player with a violent past," she remembered.

Sharon was invited to Washington today by Vice President Joe Biden, the pair have joined forces and are pushing to help put an end to domestic violence.

Biden is backing the Violence Against Women Act, and the One Love Foundation is working with Johns Hopkins to address domestic violence at its core in hopes that the same tragedy Sharon faced doesn't happen again.

Huguely is facing 26 years in prison and is scheduled for sentencing on August 30.

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