Rollercoaster budget issue taking toll on Towson baseball team

TOWSON, Md. - When the Towson University president decided to scrap the men's baseball team, it set off a bench-clearing brawl type of reaction from Towson to Annapolis.

Now, there is an effort to save the team.

"It's been real up and down," said Towson pitcher Nick Cioffi. "It's been a rough few weeks. Just the way they broke the news to us and everything after that and then a few days ago, we got the great news we were going to be saved. Then, last night, we found the proposal wasn't gonna go through. Then, we found out today there is another proposal."

It's been a rollercoaster for the team. As Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley proposed a deal that would save the program, lawmakers shot it down. They said it looked like a bailout.

Now, there is a proposal to put the money in the university system, not specifically to the baseball team. The new deal brings new hope to a team looking for something positive.

"It took a lot of weight off everybody's shoulders. We should be relaxed while we're playing It should be beneficial to us," said pitcher Mike Bronakoski.

Head coach Mike Gottlieb, who was not allowed into the initial meeting where it was decided to cancel the program, says the program may be saved, but there will definitely be a scar.

"There's a little bit of a black cloud over the program," he said.

While the future of the team is uncertain, the team is almost certain to make the tournament at the end of the season.

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