Retailers draw crowds on Mighty Monday

TOWSON, Md. - It's the day after Christmas and retailers are expecting huge crowds for those year end bargains and the Target store in Towson opened it's doors at 7:00 a.m. to accommodate the crowds.

"This week, the whole week is a big reason we have such a great ad to get all of those gift cards sales back into the stores, because we know the guests have got a lot of gift cards and our gift card sales continue to increase over the years and we want to get them back into the stores to get them what they want and need," says Target store manager Shawn Lomax.

It's no secret that those return lines would be long. Many people are returning those unwanted presents.

Shopper Jennifer Belz says that she "bought a tv for our son and there was a crack on the screen, which is hard to find, luckily Target had several more for us to choose from so we were able to exchange it with no problem."

Eight year old Sophie and her mom used today as a chance to replace her Uggs.

"We also need new boots, she's worn hers out already and it's winter for three more months. So we're thinking a better pair of boots this time," says Amy Froide.

Area parking lots were full today with retailers offering some big discounts which are responsible for 10% of the holiday sales.

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