Residents reflect one year after Rosedale train derailment

ROSEDALE, Md. - Today is just another day at the Colonial Millworks, a custom woodworking shop. But, it was anything but normal a year ago.
It was then that explosion and panic ensued after John Alban Jr. drove his truck in front of a CSX train in Rosedale.

Chuck Riddleberger, vice president of Colonial Millworks, was here that day and he and his staff were talking about the crash this morning.

“It's still fresh,” he said. “It feels like it was just yesterday.”

Steve Kay has been doing custom woodwork at Colonial Millworks for 13 years. Today he's cooking up lunch. There was a more menacing smoke in the air that day a year ago.

“It was a black smoke and a plume of fire rising up and I said, ‘man something’s gonna happen.’”

The explosion was a few blocks from the business but the shockwave was so significant it actually damaged the building.

Today, while businesses have moved on, they all agree it will be a day they never forget.

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