Remembering Joe Gorman by helping others

Joe Gorman was supposed to graduate from Loyola in 33 days, but Leukemia took him away from us. But Joe was back on campus today, in the hearts of every single person.

While in middle school, Joe was diagnosed with Leukemia and was told he needed a bone marrow transplant to survive. His classmates knew he was sick, but had no idea how serious it was.

Loyola senior, Dan Mcloughlin said, "I remember getting into the car and my mom said he needed a transplant and that's kinda how this whole thing got started."

The event is called, 'Join for Joe." It's a bone marrow drive that started at Loyola in 2010 with the purpose of finding a match for Joe. They were successful in finding one, but it was too late to save Joe. Mcloughlin said,

"After he passed we decided that the best way to honor him would be to keep doing this to have as many people on the registry as we can so other patients can have a chance at life," he said.

The senior class at Loyola, which would have been Joe's class, is encouraging all students 18 and older to swab, register and join the bone marrow registry. Those younger than 18 can still register; but can't officially join until they turn 18 years old.

The students are also taking steps to make sure Joe's courage isn't forgotten. Senior Brandt Gast said, "The senior board as well as the senior class is trying to get our legacy to be something in Joe Gorman's name, a plaque in the baseball dugout because he liked baseball. Anything in his name to benefit him and so his legacy continues." 

Click here for more on the bone marrow registry.
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