Ravens players say they're ready for Sunday; fans look for chance to win tickets

Fans try to win tickets to AFC championship game

It's about staying loose and ready.

Getting the plan together and executing it on the field.

Coach Harbaugh says the guys on the field are their usual selves.

"I've seen our usual demeanor. Our guys are very professional. Our guys are very focused. Our guys work very hard, and that's what I saw and I also saw them laughing smiling and enjoying each other. That's what we do," Coach John Harbaugh said.

One by one the players came up to talk about how ready they are for the championship game.

They say not much is distracting them, including Ed Reed's comments about how Joe Flacco was rattled by last Sunday against Houston, and Flacco and the offensive line need to play better.

"You guys aren't gonna let go. Jeez."  Flacco told reporters at the team's news conference this afternoon.

As far as Flacco is concerned he's talked to Ed Reed and it's cool.

"We talked about it. We're a team around here it's not that big of an issue, that bad it's Ed, it is what it is,"  Flacco said.

The team is staying focused on what they have to do-- Stay loose and beat the snot out of the Patriots to go on to the Super Bowl.

"I truly believe that an experienced team beats a talented team any day and I think that's what we have now we have total experience about what it feels like how you're supposed to prepare and what the mentality is going into it," Raven's Linebacker Ray Lewis said.

"We have to come in with a game plan and execute it to keys to championship football everybody knows it execution" Raven's Running back Ray Rice said.

How can fans get to the game?

In the meantime the fans are executing a mad scramble to get tickets to Foxborough.

Scattered through Baltimore City and four counties are golden headed Ravens that could lead to a golden ticket for a lucky fan and a guest for a trip to see the AFC championship.

Erin Johnson and her mom have been traveling around trying to find each ticket to show the team that they're huge fans.

"We went on the NFL and looked at pictures and some people had a background that looked at the pictures that's the Inner Harbor that's harbor place that's harbor place buildings and we seen here and that's the new wing in the background of the pictures so we kind of traced it to here," Johnson said.

Now to qualify all you have to do is snap a picture of yourself with the ticket and post it on the "I found the golden raven logo" page on the Raven's homepage before midnight.

A winner will be drawn tomorrow.

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