Health department recovers rabid cat

SPARKS, Md. - A rabid cat was recovered on Upper Glencoe Road in Sparks by the Baltimore County Department of Health.

The cat is described as having an orange coat with white feet.

The health department urges residents if they or their pet had any direct exposure (bits, scratches, or licks) to the cat between Nov. 16 and Dec. 2 contact the Baltimore County Department of Health at 410-887-6011.

Under County law, cats are not permitted to be at large and are required to be licensed.

Below is a list of rabies prevention tips:

·         Everyone should consider the risk of rabies and other diseases before taking in or interacting with any animal, especially if their home contains children, persons with certain illnesses, elderly, or other pets.

·         Persons considering adopting stray or feral cats should speak with a veterinarian for guidance. Contact your doctor and the local health department if you are bitten or scratched by a stray or feral cat.

·         Since rabies remains uncontrolled in the wild, avoid contact with wildlife as well as stray or feral animals, especially if they appear to be sick. There is no risk-free contact with these animals with regard to physical injury, rabies and other diseases.

·         Do not provide food, water or shelter to wildlife or strays. For pets that are fed outdoors, do not leave food or water bowls out for extended periods, especially overnight. Contain garbage in tightly covered containers.

·         Keep your pet's rabies vaccinations up-to-date. Do not allow pets (even cats) to freely roam the neighborhood.

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