Quick-thinking Grandma foils kidnapping

ABINGDON, Md. (WMAR) - A grandmother is credited in foiling her grandson's kidnapping and carjacking plans.

A grandmother's use of her in-car navigation assistant helped her foil her grandson's plans to take her, her car and three other grandchildren to New York this weekend.

At about 5:30 p.m., Saturday, Maryland State Police responded to northbound I-95 near Abingdon for reports of a crash. When the arrived, they found no crash, but Ardella Eaddy, 68, and three of her grandchildren, ages 4, 8 and 12, in her car on the side of the interstate.

Eaddy reported that her other grandson, later identified as Darius Johnson, 22, had abducted her and her grandchildren, but had just fled the area.

Eaddy told troopers that she had agreed to take Johnson to a location in Nottingham to pick up some belongings from a home there. She said when they came back out to her car, Johnson told her he was taking the car and going to New York.

Eaddy was able to get into the passenger seat and attempt to take the keys, but Johnson assaulted her and said he was taking the car. Eaddy refused to leave because her other three grandchildren were in the back seat.

Troopers were told by Eddy that when Johnson headed up I-95 in White Marsh, she used the vehicle's On-Start and called for help. On-Star was able to shut down the vehicles' engine and the car coasted to a stop. Johnson then fled the area.

State troopers caught up with Johnson a short time later while he was walking along Route 24 near Route 7. He was arrested and charged with kidnapping, kidnapping of a child under 16, false imprisonment, carjacking, second degree assault, unauthorized use of a motor vehicle and theft over $10,000.

Eaddy and her grandchildren did not require medical treatment and are now home.

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