Puppy rescued from dogfighting finds temporary home

BALTIMORE, Md. - Minnie is in Maryland.  The American Pit Bull Terrier was rescued from a dogfighting ring, and now a local shelter is helping to find her a home.

Her big eyes are heartwarming.  We were invited to meet Minnie at BWI, as the pit bull rescue group, Jasmine's House, brought her back to Baltimore.  The first nine weeks of her life were spent at an undisclosed rescue shelter.

Minnie's mom was pregnant when she was part of a large-scale round-up of dogfighting rings.  Back in August, nearly 370 dogs in several southern states were rescued and 11 people were indicted on dogfighting charges.  

Minnie's mom is one of the so-called "367 ring."  Minnie was born in a shelter.

"She's pretty lucky.  She escaped a life that would have been pretty miserable for her," said Kate Callahan, Founder, Jasmine's House.  "The first 9 weeks of her life was a lot of time with volunteers, a lot of enrichment activities, all kinds of toys, all kinds of love.  They get time outside.  She's been with her littermates the entire time.  So she's had a pretty good run of it for a shelter puppy."

Minnie had some motion sickness during her travels, but she seems like she would fit into any family.  She's staying with Kate through the holidays, and then it's off to a local foster home while they search for an adoptive family.

If you are interested in adopting Minnie, click here


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