Police have used Rosewood for years for training

OWINGS MILLS, Md - Why Rosewood?

The question should be why not use this place?

It's actually a perfect place to hone police officers' skills.

You'll only find private security cruising around the site which was closed in July of 2009.

There are more than 40 abandoned buildings on the site.

We're talking about everything from classrooms, offices, apartments and even homes.

This is perfect for the police to use as they figure out different training scenarios.

Many different departments have used the old state hospital site including Baltimore County Police.

Spokeswoman Elise Armacost says that county officers have done training on the site, .but most of the time they use the Aberdeen Proving Grounds.

But they do not do any live fire training outside of their gun range.

And officers use simulated weapons everywhere else.

And every training session features a safety officer and a commander to supervise training.

Why use rosewood in the first place?

Armacost says that there are a finite number of places where police can do such training.

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