PMJ Foundation distributes backpacks to students at Lansdowne Elementary

LANSDOWNE, Md. - There was a whole lot of happy shoppers today at Lansdowne Elementary School, but they didn't have to pay a thing.

That's because, with your help, the Preston Mitchum, Jr. Foundation donated school supplies for students in need.

It's nothing new for them. The PMJ foundation has done this for 11 years, making more than 24,000 kids and moms happy. That extra help is coordinated by ABC2's own Preston Mitchum.

“As far as community service goes and what he is doing for all these children that are in need,” said Joah Young of the Young School, who sponsored the drive. “It's just wonderful to work with him.”

Breonna Brown clutches here new backpack she picked out because it's perfect.

“It matches my lunch box,” she said.

 Breonna sums up how these new group of students feel about their gift.

“Great,” she said.

Lowmax Fonville is the behavior Interventionist, or counselor to the kids, hat Landsdowne. He fully understands the important work that Mitchum and his foundation is doing.

“It's very important for kids to come to school well prepared, to have supplies,” he said. “It gives them a head up on what they need to do; it helps them to get settled to get ready for the school year.

 By the time school starts, more than 2,000 students will have new backpacks courtesy of the Preston Mitchum, Jr. Foundation.

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