Plan announced to increase tree cover in Baltimore

Increase in tree canopy for the county

Baltimore, MD -  

Plan announced to increase tree cover in Baltimore

Baltimore county executive Kevin Kamenetz will unveil a new series of county goals for increasing the tree coverage throughout Baltimore County. This new goal will enhance tree cover in all areas specifically targeting neighborhoods with a tree deficiency and near sensitive watershed areas.

Under this new goal Kamenetz will promote the big trees sale, a unique program where the department of environmental protection and sustainability encourages the planting of large native shade trees in residential areas by selling them at or below cost to homeowners.

Each spring and fall, Baltimore County hosts the Big Trees Sale, featuring a selection of 150 to 200 trees representing 10 to 15 different native species. Many Big Trees are supplied by Baltimore County's reforestation nursery. Big Trees are intended to be planted on private residential properties.

April 25 th will be proclaimed Arbor day in Baltimore county by accepting the prestigious tree city USA award.

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