Pitbull puppy abused and neglected

REISTERSTOWN, Md. - A pitbull puppy was abused, neglected and left in pretty bad shape.

Authorities are now looking for answers, and help.

Her name is Noelle, and the Director of the Baltimore Humane Society hopes someone has the holiday spirit adopts her. Once she is brought back to health.

Noelle is a 3-month-old pitbull puppy, and her life was spared Saturday when the Director got word that she would be put down at Animal Control.

The Shelter Director, Bemo Combs, is uncertain about who owned Noelle before, but there's no doubt that she was abused.  

Noelle has an irritating skin condition called Demodex, that was ignored. Until now, it is also apparent that she was malnourished.

Combs estimates that it will take at least a month before Noelle can be adopted, but there will be an opportunity to foster her.

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