Pikesville grocery store says this week is the 'Black Friday' for business

Passover starts tonight thru April 13th

PIKESVILLE, Md - A Baltimore County grocery store has seen aisles packed with people this week buying last minute items for Passover.

ABC2 News visited 7 Mile Marke t in Pikesville this week to see how busy they have been leading up to Passover and the first night of Seder.

Leonard Hamby, who manages the store, and assistant Nathaniel Moore, says the store has been extremely busy leading up to the first night of Passover.

In fact, it was so busy Thursday morning, that some people lined up outside the store before it opened at 7:30am. Moore says the week leading up to Passover is similar to that of Black Friday.

"Our sales comparison is like that," said Moore when comparing it to Black Friday. "It's not going to ruin us for the year and it doesn't come out the same, but it's a big, big, difference."

7 Mile Market caters to a mostly Jewish community that sell mostly Kosher products.

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