Peter Virts: "I can't visualize until I see her"

Peter Virts says he's relieved his granddaughter, Caitlyn Virts, is safe but needs to see her to believe it.
"I can't visualize until I see her, at least see her on TV, and then I'll know my exact feelings," he said.
His number one concern over those two days not knowing where Caitlyn was, was her safety. Police say for good reason.
"We all were very concerned about this 11-year-old and obviously this was a very violent and brutal murder and this individuals mental and emotional health state obviously is questionable," Baltimore County Police Chief, Jim Johnson said.
Peter hasn't spoken to his son, Timothy Virts, in a year but said once he's is brought back to Maryland to face a murder charge, he would like to speak to him.
"I'd like to. I'd like to forgive him," Peter said.
Baltimore County investigators explained that local department of health and human services authorities will be working with family members to determine where Caitlyn goes next, but Peter says he has not been contacted yet.
He told ABC2 that he is already making plans to move into a bigger home so he would have room to take Caitlyn in along with her twin sister, Cayla. 
"I have their older sister with me now and we're going to put our heads together and do our best, if it takes every ounce of my breath to get them away from these people," Peter said.
Peter is talking about his son's oldest daughter, Kimeasha Virts.
She's says she last spoke to her father in October when he called to wish her a happy 20th birthday.
"Me and my sister never had a sister relationship and I just want to let her know that I'm here and I'm going to continue to be here. I was pushed out when I was younger but I'm here now and I'm not going nowhere throughout this whole thing," Kimeasha said.
Both she and her grandfather said they hope Caitlyn and Cayla will come home to them as they just begin to face what police are calling a terrible trauma. 
"They're only 11. They need to be with family and they need to be close to heart," Kimeasha said. 
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