Parents rally behind school renovation

County approves $2M for design study

TOWSON, Md. - Nestled in a quiet neighborhood, Stoneleigh Elementary School has sat for 81 years.

It was built to handle about 500 students, it helps educate well more than 600 today.

The trailers located on the side of the building relieves some of that pressure but only fuels parents concerns.

"The third grade if you notice is in trailers out there, we're projected to have one or two more trailers next year and we're projected to have 659 students next year per the board's estimation so we'll be about 32 percent over capacity."

For Juliet Fisher, mother of two Stoneleigh students, that means decreasing classroom space and an increased safety concern.

A point she and many other parents made to the county planning board Thursday night which agreed to budget two million dollars for renovation design.

"So we're moving along in the right direction, but yesterday was really a wonderful day for Stoneleigh," said Fisher.

But there is much more work to do.

Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz has to approve the latest funds followed by a commitment to millions more for the actual renovation.

Hurdles that keep today's optimism guarded for some parents.

"Government you know, you can't be sure until it’s signed, sealed and delivered with a capital ‘D’," said parent Maita Pang.

A community hoping for an 'A' to give a good school the resources it needs.

Kamenetz declined to comment on this story until he gets the formal recommendation from the planning board next week.

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