Parents at Perry Hall High offer suggestions and get feedback on the school shooting

PERRY HALL, Md. - Parents went to school at Perry Hall High.  The auditorium was filled eight days after Robert Gladden got a gun in, got shots off, and critically injured 17-year-old Daniel Borowy.

"People just come in and out, and maybe this comes back to a metal detector, comes back to that type of thing," said one parent. 

Principal George Roberts described the security while we got our first look inside the cafeteria, where the shooting happened.  The school board had planned its meeting before the news broke.

We saw surveillance cameras near the vending machine, where guidance counselor Jesse Wassmer disarmed Gladden.  Roberts says two school resource officers monitor about 400 students here at a time.  He may consider a third.

"I just see so much of the blame going toward what staff could have done, what this person could have down, it starts with us," a parent said.   

Ideas floated for over two hours with the promise of coming back to the table.

"I've asked our folks to go back and look at all of our security protocols, all of our school crisis plans.  But I've also asked them to go back and look at anti-bullying issues or get the word out that we want people to bring messages to us," said Dr. S. Dallas Dance, Baltimore County School superintendent.     

Joyce Covert left with few answers.  But she and hundreds more are committed to working with the staff to make the school a safer place.

"I was just surprised that this was going to be a chatting session tonight.  Well tell us what happens," said Covert.  "If I don't hear from him, he'll hear from me." 

The promise from the principal and the school superintendent is to take tonight's comments, gather everyone involved the day of the shooting, and meet in about 30 days.  It is possible more security changes will be made.


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