On the clock for Christmas

Health care workers on duty for holiday

For some professions, working the holidays just comes with the territory. 
Health care is certainly one of them.
Fernicia Waters is a registered nurse, BSN at Medstar Franklin Square Medical Center.
She is no stranger to working on holidays and says sometimes she feels like she's missing out, but the feeling she gets when she is working with the people she calls her second family changes that.
"When I come to work and I see that there's people that are sick and sometime their family's here, sometimes they're not, then I kind of feel selfish. I should be able to come to work and cheer them up and wear my Santa hat and put a smile on their faces to make them happy."
"You just have to make sure that you make them smile. Because, you're pretty much into a patient's life. We're privileged to get into their lives, so you have to respect them and make sure that they're well taken care of," said RN Carlos Romero. 
It's not only the nurses and doctors who spend Christmas day on the job. Harry Holland works security as the day-shift supervisor.
"I did it just about all my career. I have 25 plus years with U.S. Customs, which the airports don't shut down. You have to work, and somebody has to be there to protect the country. So, it's the same with the hospital," Holland said.
There is no choice but to have a full staff, and there are no complaints either.
"You're thankful that you still have a job. So, it makes it a lot easier. Then you come in on this day and everybody's smiling and it's a joyful day," Holland said. 
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