Ray Rice: Bullying at Dundalk High 'pisses me off'

DUNDALK, Md. - He's tough on the field and he's tough off of it with his anti-bullying message.

Ravens Running Back Ray Rice says he woke up on Thursday morning to multiple messages from students at Dundalk High School, regarding a kid who is bullied to the point of attempting to hurt himself. And he used some heated words, including "this is avoidable and it pisses me off."

Thousands have commented throughout the day. We went out to Dundalk High in search of what's going on.

"We have a mixture of diversity of kids in here. Everyone dresses differently, everyone speaks different, everyone looks different. And some kids, if they don't like it, they're going to speak their mind and it's not always right," said Richard Harenchar, a Dundalk High senior.

Terrance Thompson casts doubt on the attention Rice gave the boy.

"He used to bully kids his self," he said."You can't just go from being a bully into being a person that's being bullied. That just don't happen like that."

Baltimore County Public Schools would only comment by way of a statement:

"Today, multiple Facebook postings have described alleged bullying at Dundalk High School. Due to concerns for student privacy, Baltimore County Public Schools cannot discuss this situation in detail. However, the school system can affirm that alleged bullying at Dundalk High School was thoroughly investigated and that school system procedures were followed.

"Moreover, the administration and staff at Dundalk High School have demonstrated an enduring commitment to prevent and resolve bullying at the school. Through a Maryland Safe and Supportive School grant, every teacher and administrator at the school has received training in a model bullying prevention program, Olweus, and they share a schoolwide bullying prevention lesson every month with all students.

"We encourage anyone with concerns about student behavior or interactions to contact that school's principal."

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