RG Steel mill to be torn down, sold for parts

The steel mill at Sparrows Point is being sold -- for parts.

Baltimore County executive Kevin Kamentez says Hilco, which owns the plant, will liquidate the assets and tear down what's left.

At one point, some 30,000 people worked at the mill. Many hoped it would reopen after it was closed earlier this year. Then owner RG Steel filed for bankruptcy.

Hilco Industrial bought the mill in hopes of selling it, but they say the could not find any buyers.

In response to the tearing down of the mill, Kamenetz issued the following statement:

"Today we face the difficult reality that more than a century of steel making as we know it has come to an end in Baltimore County. We all have fought hard to prevent this day. The entire community feels the emotional and financial impact, whether you are a former RG Steel or Bethlehem Steel worker, a retiree living in Turner Station, or a business owner in Dundalk. I personally want to thank Joe Rosel, president of the Steelworkers Local 9477, for his efforts over the past 18 months. He is angry and has a right to be angry. No one has worked harder to save the steel industry here than Joe.

I am confident that Sparrows Point will again be a vibrant job center, with new 21st century businesses and 21st century jobs. The work of Baltimore County's Sparrows Point Partnership is critical as we look forward to opportunities to bring advanced manufacturing, clean energy, logistics, and port related uses to this historic industrial peninsula. In Baltimore County we are tough. We may get knocked down, but we always get back up.

Baltimore County is deploying $1.8 million in federal grants to support steelworkers and their families. We have set up a dedicated Steelworker Assistance Unit and hired seven full time specialists to provide direct, one-on-one help to steelworkers. I urge all former RG Steel workers to visit the Eastpoint Workforce Center and apply immediately for federal Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) benefits. We do not want any steelworkers to miss out on valuable federal assistance because they missed a critical application deadline."

Former RG Steel workers must apply for federal TAA assistance no later than 26 weeks after a layoff.  For some workers, the deadline is in December. Federal TAA benefits for eligible steelworkers include job training, extended unemployment benefits, relocation assistance and other assistance.

The Steelworker Assistance Unit is located at the Eastpoint Workforce Development Center, 7930 Eastern Boulevard, Essex, phone 410-288-9050.

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