More confusion over Mega Millions ticket

The Mega Millions mayhem has taken a new twist overnight.

One woman had claimed her son, who lives in Maryland, is the real winner of the mega millions jackpot.

Linda Bobo's son, Michael Dronet, who lives in Glen Burnie, originally claimed to have won the Mega Millions jackpot.

But Bobo told ABC2 she's now not sure if he won or not.

Yesterday, Dronet claimed he was not one of the winners of the 656 million dollar jackpot.

He says a friend played a joke on him and created a fake ticket and tricked him into thinking it was real.

Dronet believed it was real because he bought 23 lottery tickets at the 7-eleven store where the winning ticket was sold.

He says his mother started contacting news media before she knew it was a joke. Bobo says Dronet even knew how much money he was going to give her.

He wanted to put $1 million in her bank account," said Bobo in a WAPT News interview. "I have already screamed.. Jumped and rolled -- everything."

Today at 2pm the Maryland Lottery Director will discuss the mega millions jackpot win at lottery headquarters.

The winning tickets were sold in Maryland, Kansas, and Illinois.

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