Millers Island sees storm-related flooding

MILLERS ISLAND, Md. - If you live on Millers Island, you're here to watch the water. If you love on Millers Island on a day like today, watching the water isn't so peaceful.   

"We had waves that came up on the bulkhead, hit the break wall, and spray up against the house, about an hour and a half of that."

 [Cheryl] "Did that water come inside? 


   There's no doubt the homeowners on Chesapeake Avenue were sweating it. About a foot of water was on the road when the storm came through Eastern Baltimore County. But this is nothing compared to nine years ago, when tropilca storn Isabel wiped out property.

"You're talking water like this to the house.  The wave height and the surge broke through all these windows."

   Tony Michaud is still living lower -- next to the Chesapeake Bay. His next door neighbor raised the roof -- he sits more than 10-feet higher than he did nine years ago. So, while Michaud has water in his garage -- Harry Wujek is dry and almost damage free.

"Waves were about four feet.  They were actually hitting the pier and bouncing over.  This front end of my pier has been pounded lose."   

    So, he'll fix the pier before walking on it. And look toward the front of the house tonight, where kids have another playground. The park is flooded, the road is closed, but homeowners believe they'll wake up to dry land, and the place they proudly call home.

"if you can imagine 20 plus miles of openness in front of you and be able to wake up every morning, come outside on your deck, and go, 'Oh, my God."

I'm Cheryl Conner, ABC2 News, reporting on Millers Island.

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