Man charged with attempted murder in St. Joseph's Medical Center shooting

TOWSON, Md. - Brian Dargan was charged with attempted murder after shooting an officer at St. Joseph's.

At around 2:30 Wednesday a hospital worker went into Dargan's room. She noticed a needle in his clothing and tried to take it from him.  Dargan, who was handcuffed to the gurney railing, grabbed her arm. She was able to pull away.

The officer in the room then began struggling with the suspect, who grabbed the officer's gun.

The weapon fired once during the struggle and grazed the right leg of the officer. She didn't require any medical treatment.

The suspect was subdued with pepper spray, and remain handcuffed during the entire time.

Suspect Brian Dargan, 30, was in police custody while receiving medical treatment at St. Joseph's Medical Center. He had received a $25,000 bond for burglary charges. 

Dargan continues to be in police custody.

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