Impact of Ravens Cuts on Sporting Goods Stores

Ravens Cuts will slow Stores Sales

White Marsh - Are you ready for some football? After a long lockout purple pride is in full effect.

Fans like Sherrie Durandetto sporting her purple dress and purple purse stopped in the Great Moments Sport shop in White Marsh

I bought Anquian Boldin last year, I have some of the old Cisco bobbleheads.

The same day the lockout ended...major changes to the ravens roster.

Kind of shocking, going from Willis McGahee, to Kelly Gregg both were link to it. Mason and Todd Heap.

You heard it right all four players will be released by the ravens this Thursday, with hopes of resigning.

I was disappointed but i understand why they did it because they need the cap space.

Store manager Peter Tebin knows that if these players don't return, jerseys like this one might not go flying off the rack.

With those guys unless they bring them back the Todd Heap jerseys won't sell, the Willis McGahee photos and autograph merchandise we will probably have to be reduce later in the year.

No matter how the team shapes up in 2011, fans are ready for their football fix.

Baltimore bleeds purple and black so we need it.

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