Hugley murder case puts teen dating violence in spotlight

Towson, MD - When is it love?

And when is it dangerous?

Is he calling and texting you a dozen times a day?

Or is he just following you showing up when you least expect it.

 "It never starts with the violent episode that's what we hear about it's often a building so maybe it starts with he calls you for times a day then it's six times a day and eight times a day

Towson U Women's Services Director Marie Lille says. "It's a matter if you ignore it what happens is it completely okay then that's not okay then that's a big deal, if it like where are you? What are you doing? Any sort of controlling behavior."

Counselors say the death of Yeardley Love and the current trial of George Hugley should be a wake up call for many young people.

During the trial prosecutors painted a picture of an abusive relationship that fueled by alcohol one night Hugley allegedly beat Love to death.

As the jury prepares to deliberate his fate many say that there is a need to help people be aware of behavior that is violent.

Not just for the person in the relationship but for those who witness it.

Resources are there and they as close as a campus counseling center.

"When they look at these cases they say well gee am I in that kind of situation do I have friends and what would I do if I had a friend that I was really concerned about another thing that we do is bystander training to help students take action we just don't sit by and want a potentially dangerous situation to occur." Towson U Assistant Director of Student Services Jana Varwig says.

If you would like more information about teen dating violence and you're in college you can go to your counseling center.

For parents and teens you can contact the Baltimore Family Crisis center at or the Maryland Network Against Domestic Violence at

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