How do local schools battle bullies?

BALTIMORE, Md. (WMAR) - Students at Perry Hall High School say the teen believed to have shot a special needs student Monday was bullied. Whether school officials and investigators agree, bullying study statistics in Maryland speak for themselves.

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Chuck Buckler, director of student services and alternative programs for the Maryland Department of Education says bulling in the state is worse than it's ever been. While he admits reported incidents are down from five years ago, he says the social media revolution has made bullying more severe and complex.

"In the last year of the survey, Maryland had students, grades 9-12... 21 percent said that they had been bullied on school property," Buckler said.

While the number of incidents at school are down, Buckler says social media has made bullying tough to escape.

So what is the department of education doing to help?

"Policy makers from the highest level in the state of Maryland ...have made it clear that bullying has no place in public schools in the state of Maryland," Buckler said.

Buckler says there is a form available in every public school that parents can complete and turn in to an administrator if they feel their child is being bullied. He says students are urged to report bullying to counselors, administrators, teachers and parents. He said witnesses are also urged to report.

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