House of Ruth receives 88 reports of domestic violence weekly in just Baltimore City

Out of the darkness a light escorts them into the path of a  new life.

They step into the shower to wash away the wounds as tears fall down the drain.

They brush gently trying not to rupture your fat lip.

Then they lay down and put your head on this pillow and wonder how Mr. Right went all wrong.

They are the women who are victims of spousal abuse. The ones who are taken in by the House of Ruth to escape abusive husbands.

Jessica never made it to the House of Ruth. She was killed seven Septembers ago by her husband in full view of their children. He then went into the house and killed himself.

Watch the video for an in-depth look at how the House of Ruth helps women who find themselves in abusive relationships.

Below, watch the interview with Lisa Nitsch, of House of Ruth Maryland, for advice on how women can escape their abuser. She said the organization gets 88 reports a week of domestic violence in Baltimore City. She explains how the organization is trying to change the conversation. 


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