Hopkins, Fender open new voice center at GBMC

TOWSON, Md. - The best hospital around is teaming up with a company that made guys like Jimi Hendrix, George Harrison and Stevie Ray Vaughn house-hold names.
The Johns Hopkins and GBMC’s Voice Center got together with Fender Music to create the Fender Music and Voice Studio.

The center holds instruments that patients use while doctors listen to how their voices sound.

And it's not just for professional singers. Anyone from teachers to sales team members need their voices to be in tip-top shape.

For example, an elementary school music teacher who thought she had laryngitis ended up hemorrhaging her vocal chords. She warns us to pay attention to our voices.

“Don’t ignore it and don’t push through, especially if it’s something like laryngitis,” said Teresa Wenck, an elementary school teacher. “I don’t think it will go away. If it recurs, go get it checked out.”

The studio was named after fender for donating nearly $20,000 in musical instruments.

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